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Coin Master Free Spin and Coin Links 2020


On this page you will find all of the Coin Master free spins & coin links that are available 100% Free daily, a beginners guide to the game and a list of the boom levels.

All of the links on this page are safe to click and come straight from the official sources. When you click one of our links unlike other sites there are no ads that open and will open your Coin master app and credit you with the spin gifts or coin gifts.

The page is regularly updated so please check it out a few times a day for new Coin master free Spins links. Bookmark us, share us with friends. We would really appreciate it.

If you are a beginner in the world of Coin Master then you may find our “How to play coin master” guide useful. If you’re a pro then feel free to leave us a comment with your tips and advice and we will be sure to add it to our guide.

How to use the Coin Master Free Spins & Coins Links

Using the Coin Master Free spins links is very simple. Once you click it in your web browser your Coin Master game app will open and credit you with the free spins or coins. Note: The figures given in the links may differ from the amount you receive coin wise. Larger amounts are given the higher the level you are on.

Please note that these coin master free spins and reward links are readily available on other websites and social media channels and if you have clicked through the same link there the coin or spins gift will give you a message to let you know that you have already redeemed it.

Unfortunately this can be quite frustrating, but do check back a few hours later as there may be something new available for you to use, we constantly update the website and try to get your your coin master free spins as fast as possible!

The links below are in most recent order and usually only the last 2 days of coin master free spins or coins will work as they expire, usually after around 48 hours.

Happy Spinning and Good Luck!!

Coin Master Free Spins & Coins Links

Todays Coin Master Free Spins & Coin Links

We hope you enjoyed using our Coin Master free spins links and had lots of luck in spinning in lots of raids and attacks!


We are in no way affiliated with the coin master game by Moonactive

This is a fan page of the Coin master game where we collect all of the coin master free spins and gifts that are given out on the various social pages and put them in one place for simplicity.

All of these Coin Master Free Spins and Gifts are gathered from the various social media channels related to the game.

The Official Coin Master Social Media Pages are as Follows:

Coin Master Facebook

Coin Master Twitter

Coin Master Instagram

Coin Master Support Website

Coin Master by Moonactive Beginners Guide


Coin Master is a free to play mobile game designed, created and developed by Moon Active.

The game was released in 2016 and quickly became one of the most popular games on Android and iOS.

As of February 2020 it has had over 100 million downloads collectively.

You can download the game on Android here : Coin Master Play Store

You can download the game on iOS here: Coin Master Apple App Store

Believe it or not there’s a few celebs that are quick to tell you how fun the game is! Including Jennifer Lopez, Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Ben Higgins.

You’ll find the game very fun and it’s not at all difficult to learn how it all works. So without further a due lets start the Coin Master Beginners Guide.

Coin Master Game Menu

Let’s start with the game menu, it’s really simple to navigate once you know what does what. At the top right hand side of your main screen you will see a menu button represented by 3 white dashes.

Play – By clicking this this will take you to the main slot feature where you will spin for wins.

Village – By clicking this you will be taken to the village area where you can view your village and its progress.

Buy Coins and Spin – In this section you can purchase various coin packages or spin packages. You will also need this section to purchase mystery card chests with your coins.

Daily Bonus – Once a day you receive a free spin of a coin wheel. Click here to spin your daily coin bonus.

Village Shop – This will open up the available stages of your village you can buy. These are represented with stars for each stage. There are 5 stages in each level with 5 stars. So 25 objects for you to build.

Village News – The Village news section will give you information of the last times you was attacked or raided and by which of your friends. There’s also the odd game news like “Your Friend Joined Coin Master”

Gifts – The gifts section is where you will find all of the spins, coins or cards that your friends send you.

Card Collection – This shows you your cards for each card collection. Unlock more collections when you advance levels/villages. Some cards are more rare than others!

In the top left hand corner you will see two icons, the top chest sends you to the purchase chests screen.

The bottom icon allows you to exchange duplicate cards relevant to the number of stars for chests. These chests contain, spins, money and new cards.

Map – The Map section shows you what village you are on and what villages are next.

Leaderboard – The leaderboard shows you where you are ranked among friends, in your country or in the world.

Invite friends – Here you can invite your friends on Facebook, for friends that join via your link you will receive a spins reward.

Settings – Sound, Music, Notifications, Language settings along with terms, privacy policies, support and a tutorial for the game.

Coin Master Menu

Coin Master Slot Machine

The slot machine is the main screen of the game. You will see a classic slot machine layout with the symbols in the screen of the slot. Beneath it you will see bet x and superbet (once you are high enough in the levels)

Above the slot will be one of your friends with an amount of coins. This is your raid.

Top left is your coin amount.

Top centre are your stars – These are what you collect with cards, building objects in villages and increasing the levels of your animals.

Next to that is the amount of shields you currently have.

Coin Master Main Slot Machine

Lets take a look at the slot machine symbols…

Coin Master Slot machines Symbols

Thors Hammer – Line up 3 hammers and you can attack your friends or random peoples villages. Once 3 are aligned in the slot machine you advance to the attack screen where you choose random or a friend to attack. There are 5 spots relevant to the 5 objects in a village. You get 1 attack.

Your attack can be blocked with shields or the rhino animal. If they have them available.

After you have attacked you will receive coins and if special events are on you will advance further up the events bar, you’ll also receive tournament points.

Shields – If you line up 3 shield symbols in the slot machine then you will receive a shield. The shields are used to protect your village from attack. Receive more shields by using more spins per spin. More about this later.

Pigs – My favourite symbol! Line up 3 pigs on the slot and you get what they call a coin master raid. You’ll notice above your slot machine one of your friends names and the amount of coins they have. When you get the raid symbol you will raid your friends village and steal their coins if successful. You get 3 attempts. 4 if you have the Fox activated. Multiply the amount of coins you receive by using more spins. More about this later.

You can also receive chests in the raid feature.

Sometimes you will receive the “no coins” message this means your raid spot was not successful.

Coins – Win a small set amount of coins when you line up 3 coin symbols.

Treasure Bag – Win a larger amount of coins when you line up the three treasure bag symbols.

Event Symbol – I believe events only are available after level 3. That being said events come and go. These symbols are added when an event is taking place. Line up 3 to advance up the events bar.

Multiplication of prizes using more spins

You can multiply all of the above prizes and values by using more spins per spin. Below the slot is a bet x box. If you click this you can raise the bet. If superbet is active you can raise the bet beyond x 3 sometimes up to x 200. Be careful though you can lose spins quickly just as quick as you can gain money and event points. The superbet activates higher amounts when you have more spins, so be sure to use all of the coin master free spins links at the top of this page.

Coin Master Villages

The aim of the game is to complete your villages. Each village has 5 objects, the 5 objects have 5 levels. Represented with stars.

Starting from the top to the bottom the objects get more expensive on any given level.

Complete all 5 stages of all 5 objects and you will advance a level.

When you are successfully attacked by a friend the stars are removed and a “fix” button will pop up. The more times the given object is attacked the more damage it takes the more expensive it gets to build back up. If it’s completely destroyed you will have to start over again with that object.

Coin Master Village

Coin Master Animals

In the game of coin master as you advance in levels more animals will become available.

You can access your animal in the bottom left hand corner of the game.

So far there are 3 animals. Here’s what each animal can do for you when you activate them and feed them pet snacks.

Fox – The fox animal when activated will allow you to have another chance at the raid. Remember we said you get 3 goes. Well with the fox you get 4. The fox is always successful of stealing coins.

The higher the level of the fox the more coins you will receive. The coin total of what the fox steals is based on a percentage (relevant to its level, higher the level the bigger the percentage) of what you steal in total from your first 3 goes.

Rhino – When Rhino is activated he protects your village. Again this is based on the level of the Rhino. The higher the level the more chance you have of him protecting your village in an attack.

Tiger –  The Tiger animal will increase the amount of coins you receive when attacking with the hammer symbol. Higher the level of the tiger the more the reward.

Pet Snacks – Pet snacks are used to feed your pet. If your pet is saying he’s hungry then he can’t be used.

You need to give him a pet snack. This will give 4 hours of use per pet snack. As of now you also get a free mini pet snack per day which lasts 20 minutes.

Pet Levels & Potions – You will receive potions throughout the game. These can be from events, from chests and from tournaments. You feed your pet the potions and it will fill up the level bar. Fill the level bar and your pet advances a level.

The more levels you complete the more powerful effect the coin master animal will have when selected.

Coin Master Animals

Coin Master Cards & Trading

Perhaps my most favourite but frustrating part of the game is the Card aspect.

It’s a very addictive part of the game.

You will need to collect sets of cards. Each card has standard cards which can be traded among friends but also has gold cards. These can’t be traded (unless part of a special event – rare)

Some cards are more common than others.

Once you complete a set you will receive a special reward this could be coin master free spins, spins and pet snacks, spins and potions etc. Usually for completing a set of cards you will receive a large amount of spins.

The further up the collection of cards you go the better the rewards for completing, however it becomes much more harder to find the cards.

Cards can be bought in card chests. This is ultimately what you will use your coins for.

There are 3 chests you can buy, the price increases for each chest the higher the level you go.

Wooden Chest – Cheapest to purchase contains 2 cards.

Gold Chest – Contains 4 cards.

Magical Chest – Most expensive of the chests and contains 6 cards.

There’s a group on Facebook you will find useful its a Coin master card trading group and has over 2 million members. Most people on there are very helpful and some don’t even ask for anything in return. Remember to be polite when posting and always use your manners.

Coin Master Trading Group

Coin Master Cards

Coin Master Special Events & Tournaments

Most days there is a special event happening, this gives you chance to really boost the amount of spins of coins you have.

Special events for example are based around the raid, attack and “special” symbol. So land a raid on an event that is based around it then you will climb up the event bar. At the end of each event bar is a price in the form of spins, coins or pet potions.

Tournaments take place every few days, collect points for spinning raids, attacks or the special symbols. The more points you collect the higher up the tournament board you will go. Place in the top 10 to win special prizes in the way of coins, spins, chests and potions. A good way to place high is to save the spins you get from our coin master free spins links at the top of this page.

Balloon pop is a random event which takes place, this is where you will randomly see balloons float up your screen while playing the game, pop the boon and receive spins. They are quite uncommon though so don’t expect a lot of them to appear.

Viking Quest is a sub game, you’ll see this represented by a viking helmet where the events and tournaments are. Press it and you’ll be taken to another slot machine. You’ll have tasks to complete like spin 5 times, win 10 million coins, win 2 million in the bonus wheel. You can often win great prizes by playing this game. Saving your coin master free spins is a great idea to combine with the viking quest as it will allow you to build up your money before you start.

Card swap is quite rare in the events, when this is active you will see two gold cards with a swap symbol. Press it and it will show you which of the selected gold cards are available to trade. This is very handy if you have been waiting for a gold card and you have friends that may have it!

Coinmaster and Moonactive are quite creative with their events and they are plentiful so I am sure there will be lots of new ones added in the future. They are all very self explanatory once you get to grips on the game.

Coin Master Strategies & Tips

You will no doubt, in your time playing coin master here of hacks. Let me clarify straight away, do not waste your time. When I first started I was that desperate for coins and coin master free spins that I tried every single one out there. Now my phone and email gets spammed constantly. None of them work and they are all a pile of poop.

  • Increase your bet when the person in your raid window has a large amount of coins, if you’re lucky and you roll in the pigs you could potentially win huge amounts. Keep it low if the person has a low amount.
  • Use your pets wisely, Select the relevant pet when needed and only feed for the amount of time you are going to be using it. So if you are just wanting to use the benefit of the fox for stealing more coins for ten minutes try to use the free pet snack. Set your rhino if you want to protect your village when you leave the game. Make sure he has enough food to last until you’re back.
  • Use the social networks free spins links, Each day on the official coin master social networks free spins and coins are posted. You should try to collect all of these every day. Luckily for you we have put them all of the coin master free spins in one place for you and this is updated very regularly at the top of this page.
  • Save your spins for events and tournaments. By saving up as many spins as you can you will be able to climb higher up the tournament boards or complete more of the events level bar. Ultimately giving you more rewards.
  • Use the bottom right hand corner free spin icon, To begin with when you are on the lower levels it will help to use the free spin icon in the bottom right, this will open up an advert. For each you watch you get 1 free spin. Once it runs out of adverts to display you won’t be able to get any more. Unless…you want to cheat a little and clear the cache for the app.
    Clear Cache for an app on iPhone
    Clear Cache for an app on Android
  • Don’t rush through the levels, Or you may miss out on new cards. I heard somewhere you should pretty much spend a billion on cards in the lower levels and then as you get further in the game 2 billion.
  • Send friends gifts every day, if you want to receive the free gifts in return.

Best Levels/Villages On Coin Master For Cards

One of the main objectives of the Coin master game is to complete card sets so we need to know the best levels and villages. It’s what I believe makes the game so addictive. Just trying to find that card in a treasure chest, the anticipation, the frustration but also the joy you feel when you see the red “new” card pop up.

In every village its a good idea to buy as I’ve said in the beginners guide, between 1 and 2 billion coins worth of treasure chests. This way you will have less chance of missing out on rare cards or new cards.

You can buy wooden chest, golden chest and magical chest each have a different number of cards in. Starting from the least expensive: The wooden chest has 2 cards, the golden chest has 4 and the magical chest has 6. Sometimes there will be an even where you get 50% cards for free. This is a great time to buy your cards!

Some cards in the game are extremely rare, to mention a few: Martian Lettuce, Santa, Kettle, Santas Sled and Fire ring. There are lots more rare cards. These are just an example. These cards can take so long to acquire. It took me ages but I have lots of them now. Cards can be traded remember so perhaps friends have some of these rare cards, most of my cards have been given to me by friends on my Facebook who are further on in the game and have duplicates,

Gold cards are pretty rare, some more than others and can’t be exchanged. Unless there is an event on where it allows you to trade specific gold cards that Coin Master Moon Games choose. You need to check often though as these events are quite rare and have a time limit.

Remember to maximise your coins you are going to need to collect the coins and spins from our coin master free spins links at the top of this page.

What are Boom villages in Coin Master?

OK so you may or may not have heard of what Coin master fans are calling “Boom Villages” I am still 100% sure as to whether these truly exist or if they are just rumours made up from flukes. Coin Master makers, Moon Games have never officially recognised Boom Villages. That being said here’s what it is:

A Boom village is a village where more rare or new cards are found more frequently. A village where you should spend extra coins and buy more chests. Some people believe that there are villages where new and rare cards are plentiful.

So we have created a list from various sources on the internet and what levels a lot of people have said are “boom villages” So a word of advice in the villages that are listed below stay a little while longer and purchase more chests. Chances are you may get lucky.

Coin Master “Boom Village” Best Levels List

5 7 10 13
15 17 20 22
27 30 34 35
37 40 45 47
49 50 51 55
56 60 61 62
65 75 79 83
87 90 93 95
98 102 105 107
110 112 115 117
122 125 127 130
135 136 138 140
141 142 143 145

Please remember though just because the level is not listed on the “Boom Village” list does not mean that you won’t find a rare card or a new card or even more than one. These are just villages that people believe you have more chance in. Lots of people have reported the same levels so at the very least the chances are good!

Best Villages in Coin Master Discussion

It would be great if everyone who visits this page could come back at some point and let us know what you believe are the best villages. Leave a comment in the comments section below and we will check it out, if more than a few report the same level then we will be sure to add it to the Boom Village list above.

Coin Master FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use another Facebook account with Coin Master?

Depending on the device you are using you can disconnect your coin master account from that device and connect another Facebook account like this:


Open Facebook and click on the menu button. This is the icon with 3 lines, located to the right hand side of your notifications bell.

Scroll down and go to Account settings

Scroll down go to Apps

Click Logged in with Facebook

Locate the game from the list and click

At the very bottom of the page click remove app.

Logout of the Facebook App and then login again with the alternative Facebook account that you want to use with Coin Master.

Clear the Cache from your Coin master app.

Relaunch the game


Login to Facebook

Click on the arrow located near the home button. This can be found at the top right area of your monitor. Select settings

Look for apps on the left sidebar and click

Hover your pointer over the Coin Master App and press on the X. You will then see remove, click remove.

Log back out of Facebook and re-login with the new Facebook account you want to use Coin Master with.

Restart the game.

How do you ask a friend for a card?

You will have to navigate to your card collection. Then find the card that you are missing or looking for. Click it and it will let you share it to your Facebook. Where all of your Facebook friends will see your card request. There is no way at the moment to ask a friend directly from the game. You can always just message them and ask nicely though.

Where can I find free links for Coin master spins and coins?

You can get coin master free spins links from all over the official social media channels. We’ve also gathered all of these links and put them on one place on this page at the top. These links are updated numerous times daily.

You can also sign up to their email list where you will receive coin master free spins via your email.

Why is my Facebook friend on Coin Master not on my friends list on the game?

Sometimes it takes a while for your friend to show up on your games friends list. Check again in a couple of days and they should be showing.

Please note that Coin Master has a maximum number of friends so if you have already reached that limit there is a good chance that you will need to remove some people for them to show.

The only way you can remove friends on the game is to remove them from your Facebook.

How many villages are there in total on Coin Master?

At present there are 221 villages in the game. These are being updated and added regularly though. Moon Games have promised lots more levels so there will be plenty to get through in the future. If you’re already at the top level then you are a “master” and we salute you!

What are “Boom” Villages?

Boom villages are the villages in the Coin Master game where you can get more rare and gold cards. There are various documented guides out there telling you what they think the Boom Villages are. It is good practice to stay a little longer in each village and buy more chests.

What happens when I want to attack my friend but there is nothing in his village?

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this. If your friend on has nothing in their village, then you can’t attack. You’ll have to keep checking back. Some people don’t build villages until they have enough coins to build it all at once.

Coin Master Ghost Mode Cheat

Another good tip for the coin master game is to use what is players call the “ghost mode” essentially this is one of the best ways to stop your village from being attacked as much and to collect coins without them all being raided. Please remember this does work however you will still be attacked but not half as much!

So how do you go into ghost mode on coin master?

It’s super simple! Exit your coin master app from your device make sure that you’ve exited properly by swiping it off from your recently opened apps. Now head over to Facebook, click your settings then look for “apps and websites” click it now look for “preferences” click and now look for “apps, websites and games“ click now click “edit” now select the setting “turn off”

You are now logged out of the game and will not appear on friends attack lists or raids. However it is worth saying that those who have you in their cache or raid already may still be able to attack you or raid. The ghost mode works yes and will stop you from getting attacked as much as when you don’t follow this method. You’ve probably experienced a friend in ghost mode before when you’ve gone to attack them and it says something about your internet connection!

If you’re still unsure of how to get into coin master ghost mode watch the video below!


Coin Master Comments

Please use the comments section below to discuss the coin master free spins links, feel free to post your own if you know of one that we haven’t found. Please do not post links to hacks for the game as it will be deleted. Please also do not click these hack links should they get through. They DO NOT work.

We want you to enjoy your experience here at our website and we want you to return each day so be sure to book mark us. We can assure you that we are one of the first people to get the free spin & coin links up and ready for you to use.

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    • Glad we could help you! The Viking events seem to follow big normal events but nobody is sure. Stay safe and keep winning on coin master

    • Hi Akbar! That’s amazing how did you manage to get VIP status? What kind of things do you get for being a VIP really interested to know how the coin master VIP process works! Thanks for being here and hope you’re staying safe 👍

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