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Brain Test Answers To All Levels – Unico Studio Tricky Puzzles


Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles – All Levels Answers Walkthrough


Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is a game made by Unico Studio. It is available on both the Play store and on the Apple app store. The game has become extremely popular lately, largely due to Brain Outs popularity.

The Brain Test game is effectively an IQ test and to test your logical thinking. It challenges you to think outside of the box and keeps your brain sharp. It’s great for kids and adults and will entertain you for hours.

Here’s the download links for the game.

Android | Apple iOS

Please Read: Important Information About The Answers


Brain Test Level 1 Answer

Which one is the biggest?
The Lion

Brain Test Level 2 Answer

Find the hidden number
Move the rock out of the way. The hidden number is 40.

Brain Test Level 3 Answer

Burn everything
First burn the couch and the other stuff, now burn the word everything that is in the text.

Brain Test Level 4 Answer

How many holes are in the shirt?
The answer is 8, there are 8 holes in the shirt.

Brain Test Level 5 Answer

Make the flower blossom
Simply move the clouds away to reveal the sun.

Brain Test Level 6 Answer

Which one is the closest to us?
Tap the moon.

Brain Test Level 7 Answer

Click the animals from smallest to biggest.
Tap the mouse then the lion, elephant and click the submit button.

Brain Test Level 8 Answer

Catch 5 falling apples.
You should tap only apples that are falling.

Brain Test Level 9 Answer

Where is the rabbit?
Put the eyes on the cabbage, use two carrots as the ears and the white carrot as its nose.

Brain Test Level 10 Answer

The answer is 15.

Brain Test Level 11 Answer

Slide the arrow left until its off the screen to unlock.

Brain Test Level 12 Answer

Feed the cat.
You need to put treats on the word “cat” in the text.

Brain Test Level 13 Answer

Find the green ball.
Combine the yellow and blue ball this makes a green ball.

Brain Test Level 14 Answer

The longest month is February because it has the most letters in the word February.

Brain Test Level 15 Answer

Use your finger to place the word ‘Curiousity’ from the text onto the cat.

Brain Test Level 16 Answer

Count the pizza slices.
Move the pizzas and count them. The answer is 9. There are 9 in total.

Brain Test Level 17 Answer

The red button on the front of the kettle is the on off button. Tap this to turn it off.

Brain Test Level 18 Answer

Who wins between 100 Knights and 100 Barbarians?
Move the 100 from the Knights to the Barbarians 100.

Brain Test Level 19 Answer

Figure out which monkey is carsick.
Shake your device to make the monkey sick.

Brain Test Level 20 Answer

Stop the babies crying.
Simply turn your phone or device upside down.

Brain Test Level 21 Answer

Click the blue button six times.
Click the blue button until the red button appears. Now move the red button away and tap the blue button again.

Brain Test Level 22 Answer

How many holes in the numbers?
6 = one hole, 8 = two holes, 6868 = 6.

Brain Test Level 23 Answer

Turn on the TV.
Place two fingers on the broken cords.

Brain Test Level 24 Answer

Make the red win the race.
Drag the word ‘red’ from the text in the race.

Brain Test Level 25 Answer

Find the hidden number.
Turn your device upside down. 67.

Brain Test Level 26 Answer

Open the soda.
Shake your device continuously this will make the soda explode and open.

Brain Test Level 27 Answer

Put the elephant into the fridge.
Tap the fridge handle to open it. Now put the elephant in.

Brain Test Level 28 Answer

Turn on all lights.
Slide the right light off the screen, tap the switches to turn on both lights.

Brain Test Level 29 Answer

10 = 25.
The answer is 25 = 10.

Brain Test Level 30 Answer

Find the black sheep.
Drag the word black from the question text and place it on a sheep to make it black.

Brain Test Level 31 Answer

Make the truck/bus pass though.
Zoom out to shrink the bus.

Brain Test Level 32 Answer

Do the multiplication first, according to PEMDAS.
The answer is: 4+5*5-2 = 4+25-2 = 27.

Brain Test Level 33 Answer

Help the poor turtle.
Flip your device to turn the turtle the right side up.

Brain Test Level 34 Answer

Let the cat in the door.
Turn your device over to make the door open, now place the cat in.

Brain Test Level 35 Answer

Who tells the truth?
The answer is ‘three of us are liars’.

Brain Test Level 36 Answer

Push the button and the word ‘button’ at the same time.

Brain Test Level 37 Answer

There are a total of 10 balls.

Brain Test Level 38 Answer

Correct 4+5=19.
Place your finger over the 1 for five seconds to make the answer 4+5=9.

Brain Test Level 39 Answer

Click on the cat below.
Click all the 3 cats at the same time.

Brain Test Level 40 Answer

1 cherry is 10, 1 banana is 2, 2 cherries and 6 bananas.
The answer is 32.

Brain Test Level 41 Answer

Make them fall in love.
Drag the balloons to the top left corner and now pop them.

Brain Test Level 42 Answer

Take the second L out of ‘Level 42’ and place it in the text.

Brain Test Level 43 Answer

Take a screenshot with your device before you tap to memorize the numbers.

Brain Test Level 44 Answer

What is the tallest building?
Shake your device to destroy all of them except one.

Brain Test Level 45 Answer

Find the right cat.
Swipe the cats from right to left. The right cat is on the right.

Brain Test Level 46 Answer

Find the bull.
Take ‘red’ from “Reddit” and use it to make the Bull charge ‘red’.

Brain Test Level 47 Answer

The siblings were 3 and 12.
Their combined age is 25.

Brain Test Level 48 Answer

All  of the equations are wrong.

Brain Test Level 49 Answer

You need to save the 3 pets by tapping them at the same time.

Brain Test Level 50 Answer

Solve 1000+50=6050.
Take 50 from the word ‘Level 50’ now place  it next to 50 (1000+5050)=6050.

Brain Test Level 51 Answer

Zoom out on the image to find the socks.

Brain Test Level 52 Answer

Click the crack portion with two fingers and tap on car.

Brain Test Level 53 Answer

Salt plus ice water for Timmy.

Brain Test Level 54 Answer

Brain Test Level 55 Answer

Shake your phone again to open the soda.

Brain Test Level 56 Answer

Move question down to below the cats.

Brain Test Level 57 Answer

The answer is 4

Brain Test Level 58 Answer

Grab the bulb from top right corner, Now drag over the screen to light it up and find the cat.

Brain Test Level 59 Answer

Tap the clock over and over to break it, Then tap the car.

Brain Test Level 60 Answer

The answers is 999.

Brain Test Level 61 Answer

Shake your device.

Brain Test Level 62 Answer

Break the biscuit with both fingers

Brain Test Level 63 Answer

The Answer is 6

Brain Test Level 64 Answer

The Answer is Avengers

Brain Test Level 65 Answer

Shake your device to make them carsick.

Brain Test Level 66 Answer

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test Level 67 Answer

Tap the wallet in his pocket,  after failing tap again on the wallet.

Brain Test Level 68 Answer

The answer is 7 Circles

Brain Test Level 69 Answer

Turn your device to turn him

Brain Test Level 70 Answer

Grab the shovel and dig it up the bone will come out now give it to dog.

Brain Test Level 71 Answer

Turn the 9 into a 6 by turning your device 180 degrees.

Brain Test Level 72 Answer

Tap on both the wire ends.

Brain Test Level 73 Answer

The answer is 1 dot.

Brain Test Level 74 Answer

Help the cat by turning the cat’s side and the mouse will slide down to the cat.

Brain Test Level 75 Answer

Shake your device to find the strong one.

Brain Test Level 76 Answer

Grab the letter ‘I’ from the question text and put it on the scream.

Brain Test Level 77 Answer

Grab the minus sign from the equation and make -999

Brain Test Level 78 Answer

Find the pairs and win the game

Brain Test Level 79 Answer

The answer is 2nd

Brain Test Level 80 Answer

Firstly click the blue word, now tap the orange word then tap the red word.

Brain Test Level 81 Answer

Remove 6 sticks and make it a 10.
Make it a ten using the sticks in letters (TEN).

Brain Test Level 82 Answer

Make this equation correct. X/Y=(12/2)-2
You can drag any number from the screen. Use the 82 in the text level ’82’ to make 8/2=(12/2)-2

Brain Test Level 83 Answer

Our cat is still hungry.
Take out a match, light it and then fire the cannon.

Brain Test Level 84 Answer

I want 9 candies, please.
Turn your phone upside down then shake. It takes more than one time of doing this. Repeat the process.

Brain Test Level 85 Answer

Click them from low to high.
578 is at the lowest possible level. Order them from bottom to top.

Brain Test Level 86 Answer

Don’t tell me you forgot to buy his birthday present!
Look below the gift box on the screen.

Brain Test Level 87 Answer

He must get to his car to escape the zombies.
Drag the man to the right side down and then to left bottom.

Brain Test Level 88 Answer

How many squares are there?
The answer is zero.

Brain Test Level 89 Answer

Press the button 100 times
You can edit the question text. make 100 into 1.

Brain Test Level 90 Answer

The fisherman is having a terrible day, help him catch a fish.
There is a worm inside those apples.

Brain Test Level 91 Answer

She is so sad, please cheer her up.
Adjust the time on the clock to 12 o’clock.

Brain Test Level 92 Answer

Help this frog fly.
Tap and hold the frogs mouth, this stops him breathing and he floats.

Brain Test Level 93 Answer

Pick the biggest number possible.
Rotate your phone then tap 8.

Level 94 Answer

How many rectangles are there?
The answer is 4. You need to separate them

Level 95 Answer

Catch the mouse.
Go around, don’t go through the maze.

Level 96 Answer

Click on the green 3 times, the blue 10 times and the red 5 times.
The blue counter is broke. Ignore the counter. Use your own counting.

Level 97 Answer

Click on the calves please.
Put the cows together, they will then kiss. Tap the heart.

Level 98 Answer

How many cubes are there?
The answer is 10.

Level 99 Answer

Spot the differences.
There are no differences. They are the same.

Level 100 Answer

Today is Jim’s 2nd birthday. Light the candles for him.
Light the 1st candle with the match, then light the second candle with the first candle.

Level 101 Answer

Click on the blue button 5 times.
Remove the red button and click the blue again.

Level 102 Answer

Solve the equation.
The answer is 25=10.

Level 103 Answer

Aww… She wants an ice cream too.
Grab the hat from the boy and the hair from the girl, use them to create an ice cream for the girl.

Level 104 Answer

Complete the equation correctly.
The answer is 365+17=382.

Level 105 Answer

I want some mayo.
Turn your device, the bottle will now turn.

Level 106 Answer

Help me catch that rabbit.
Move the box in front of the carrot to catch the rabbit.

Level 107 Answer

The baby is crying again. I suspect she is gassy.
Rub the babies belly a few times to help them pass wind.

Level 108 Answer

My widowed granny has three children. They are all married.
The answer is 11.

Level 109 Answer

Help them all get across. But don’t leave them alone with their prey.
Keep the sheep on the boat while taking the cabbage and the wolf.

Level 110 Answer

Give them apples, but never leave the plate empty.
You need to give the last apple along with the plate.

Level 111 Answer

I hate math! Get rid of this number.
Place the letter G next to 1, answer is GONE, 1 – one.

Level 112 Answer

How many eggs are there?
The answer is 7, touch all of the eggs because one of them is not actually an egg.

Level 113 Answer

Tom the cat wants to fly.
Place the cat on the right side and now drop the anvil weight on the left side.

Level 114 Answer

Feed them all.
Feed  the leaf to the grasshopper, then the grasshopper to the mouse now the mouse to the cat.

Level 115 Answer

He refuses to eat his soup.
Remove the screws on the right side of shelf, this will make it fall, now give the soup to the boy.

Level 116 Answer

Whats is the total cost?
The answer is 12.

Level 117 Answer

Eeek! Catch it before my mom suffers a heart attack.
Close all of the sides when the rat is inside.

Level 118 Answer

The teacher wants a rectangle.
Bring the red shape close to the knife it will cut it and you will get a rectangle.

Level 119 Answer

Scissor has to win.
Hide the stone with the paper, cut the paper with scissors.

Level 120 Answer

How can this be correct?
Shoot every multiplication to turn the into plus symbols: 15+15+15=45.

Level 121 Answer

Help him get back his wallet, please.
Hold the crocodiles mouth then move the hand to take wallet.

Level 122 Answer

Help me achieve victory!
Put the word ‘victory’ in the empty places.

Level 123 Answer

Jack did not study for the exam, but he has to pass.
Make his neck longer so he can cheat.

Level 124 Answer

Feed them. One for each please.
Feed from the top to the bottom.

Level 125 Answer

I can’t start the video.
Place the purple play button on the laptop screen.

Level 126 Answer

His coffee has gotten cold.
Use  the mirrors to reflect the light from the headlight to heat it.

Level 127 Answer

Find a frame for these colored objects.
You do not have to fill all of the frames.

Level 128 Answer

Make this correct.
The answer is: 8-3=5.

Level 129 Answer

Click on the fruits in a certain order.
1 apple, 2 cherries, 3 bananas, 4 grapes.

Level 130 Answer

Birthday time! How old is he though.
Pull up the candles to see the cake.

Level 131 Answer

Help her hit the target.
Enlarge the target by zooming.

Level 132 Answer

Help the rat get the cheese.
Open the 4 doors in the middle.

Level 133 Answer

What should we put in place of the question mark?
The Answer is R.

Brain Test Level 134 Answer


Level 135 Answer

How does this equation work?
5=5. Separate and remove the other number on the left side of the screen.

Level 136 Answer

We need 5 actors for our movie, who to discard.
Remove the hair from the actors and then you will see who you should discard.

Level 137 Answer

Help the kid on the right win the snowball fight.
Place all of the small snowballs in his hand this will make a giant snowball.

Level 138 Answer

Help me. I don’t know where to turn.
Turn your device to the left to make the arrow point the correct way.

Level 139 Answer

Which one is the longest?
Bring the face to every and after choose the longest.

Level 140 Answer

Where does bee honey come from?
Honey comes from the bee, Tap ‘Honey’ in the question text.

Level 141 Answer

Stop the alien invasion.
Tap and catch all of the aliens with your finger.

Level 142 Answer

If 1 chicken is cooked in 5 minutes, how long would it take to cook 5 chickens?
The answer is 5 minutes.

Level 143 Answer

Discover gravity.
Shake your device until all six apples fall from the tree.

Level 144 Answer

Help this poor man, please.
Tap the woman sign on the door a few times and the skirt will fall down.

Level 145 Answer

Another miserable man needs your help.
Grab the spider, place it in the radiation, drag it to the miserable man – Spider-Man.

Level 146 Answer

What should we put at the question mark?
The answer is N.

Level 147 Answer

I had 10 fish in my aquarium, and I came home to see that 6 of them died. How many are left in the aquarium?
There are still 10 fish. Just some of them are dead.

Level 148 Answer

Help the car cross the river
The weather is quite cold, so if there was no sunlight it would freeze.

Level 149 Answer

Match the objects with correct countries.
All objects belong to 1 single country.

Level 150 Answer

How to build a tower
Light grey on the bottom, then the dark grey, wood.

Level 151 Answer

Oh man. She is crying again. Help please.
The toy car’s tyres are googly eyes, that will cheer her up.

Level 152 Answer

Mouse + car = 10, Mouse = 4, cat + mouse + mouse = ?
The cat is upside down.

Level 153 Answer

Help this bodybuilder please.
Take the weights off

Level 154 Answer

The student can’t think of an answer to the test question.
Pump some blood into her brain so she can think.

Level 155 Answer

Timmy needs to eat healthy.
Trick him with the hamburger.

Level 156 Answer

How to defeat the wizard?
Fire – Earth – Water – Fire.

Level 157 Answer

Aliens are infiltrating. Find them.

Level 158 Answer

What is in the middle of America?
The answer is R as it is in the middle of the word America

Level 159 Answer

Looks so sad. Cheer him up please.
Just makes his mouth smile.

Level 160 Answer

A vampire. help help.
Remove the curtains and let the sunlight in.

Level 161 Answer

How many triangles are there?
The answer is there are 5 triangles in total.

Level 162 Answer

Feed cat from left to right.
Move the cat to the right.

Level 163 Answer

They need justice.
Drag the ice cream from the hand, move it to the bucket until it becomes the same size.

Level 164 Answer

We need a green ball.
Hold the blue ball until the yellow comes then combine them and create a green ball. Because blue and yellow makes green.

Level 165 Answer

Break the window with the stone.
Take the word ‘Stone’ and ‘window’ from the text.

Level 166 Answer

The neighbours are having a crazy party in the middle of the night. Stop it.
Tap on the phone and now you can dial 911.

Level 167 Answer

How can it be true.
Press 1 and hold and move your finger to the left.

Level 168 Answer

Blue has to win
Place the finish line straight in front of the blue car.

Level 169 Answer

Save them all.
Place them so they can hold each others hands, when the are hand to hand tap on them.

Level 170 Answer

Fix the clock please.
Move the minute hand.

Level 171 Answer

Cheer him up please.
Turn mouth upside down.

Level 172 Answer

Horsey wishes to be a unicorn.
Tap the star to make a wish.

Level 173 Answer

Please unlock the door I am trapped outside.
Remove the rug and find the key below.

Level 174 Answer

Tortoise must win.
Drag the shell up then the rockets will start and the turtle will win the race.

Level 175 Answer

What is the number below the dice?
Move the dice. The answer is 15.

Level 176 Answer

Just had a son pick a name for him.
Drag the word son to JA to make the name JASON.

Level 177 Answer

Well she is at it again! What’s wrong this time.
Move the spider from the head and then she will stop crying.

Level 178 Answer

Collect 3 apples please.
Shake your device then move the basket right to collect them.

Level 179 Answer

Get to 6 please.
Go to 9 then tilt your device upside down so it looks like 6.

Level 180 Answer

Find all animals in the picture.
Tap all the animals. There’s also a snake in the tree bottom right.

Level 181 Answer

Help Tom get his fish.
Turn the dog’s eyes to fish, then move the cat behind the dog, now turn the dogs eyes to where the cat was, then drag Tom to the fish.

Level 182 Answer

We want to go to New York.
Move the door handle to the right side of door, the car will then drive to New York.

Level 183 Answer

Poor crow is unable to eat the walnut.
Lift the walnut then drop it on the rocks to break it. Take the broken walnut and give it to the crow.

 Level 184 Answer

Build me a snowman please.
The head  can be found hiding behind the cloud.

Level 185 Answer

Form the image on the puzzle.
Move the lion underneath place it inside the puzzle.

Level 186 Answer

She loves him or she loves him not.
Remove all of the petals from the flower and then tap the one on the girls head.

Level 187 Answer

The blue car is in a hurry help it.
Remove the light from the back of the blue car and now place it in the front.

Level 188 Answer

Help the ghost hunter with his ghost traps.
Place the cans two by two in two rows  and then tap on the ghost hunter.

Level 189 Answer

What is the reverse of bad?
The answer is DAB

Level 190 Answer

What does he see?

Level 191 Answer

OK time to lift off.
Tilt your device to the left  then type 5-4-3-2-1 like a countdown to lift off.

Level 192 Answer

Such a moody weather.
Take picture from the wall then make it bigger, now place it in the window.

Level 193 Answer

The boxer on the left should win.
Move the ball to his right glove to make a bigger glove then press fight.

Level 194 Answer

Tom must jump to the other side.
Give the mushroom to Tom. He will then grow bigger now press jump.

Level 195 Answer

What is the 50% of 55?
The answer is 5.

Level 196 Answer

End this war.
Point the cannons at each other, the war will then come to an end.

Level 197 Answer

Help me carry this box to the dolly please.
Shake your device two times.

Level 198 Answer

You got caught speeding oops.
Bribe the police with the cookies.

Level 199 Answer

Help the mother lion.
Drag the hairs from the male lion to the female lion.

Level 200 Answer

I declare that today is your birthday pick a gift.
Tap the word ‘GIFT’ in the level text.

Level 201 Answer

Quickly tap the number in order.
Tap the number in order 1 to 10. The numbers will switch after 6.Then 7 and 8 will switch place.

Level 202 Answer

Solve the puzzle.

Level 203 Answer

We must score a goal
Change the direction your players kick in.

Level 204 Answer

Teach our cat how to hunt please.
First hide the cat in the box. Now place the cheese on floor. Move the box when the mouse is at the box.

Level 205 Answer

Find the treasure.
The mark that is located under the stone will show you where to dig for the treasure.

Level 206 Answer

I lost the brakes! Help.
Place a cloud in front of the car to use as an airbag.

Level 207 Answer

Where is the mother lion?
Tap the apples so they fall on the cub. The cub lion will cry and the mother lion will come.

Level 208 Answer

Tortoise must win the race.
Take the banana from the monkey and place it in front of the rabbit.

Level 209 Answer

Help him!
Take word from the ninja in the dream and wake him up.

Level 210 Answer

Make a choice.
Keep rubbing the left choice until you see ‘Get rich’.

Level 211 Answer

This man annoyed the llama, get his revenge.
Tap on the cloud a few times and it will start to rain. The man will then protect himself with an umbrella. Tap the llama.

Level 212 Answer

How many teeth he has?
There are 12 teeth.

Brain Test Video Walkthrough Guide

The video we have featured below is not our video, we are currently producing our own but for now we hope this helps to give you all the answers to Brain Test Tricky Puzzles.

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