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Brain Out Answers To All Levels In The Game

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1 Brain Out Game Solutions & Answers For Every Level

Brain Out Game Solutions & Answers For Every Level

Hello and welcome to Cheatmaniapp, We’ve took a look around for other answer websites and we found that clicking through hundreds of links to find the Brain out Answers you are looking for is a nightmare. So we’ve put them all in one place just for you. Every answer for every level.

Brain out is a puzzle game created by Eyewind Limited it is available both on Android and iOS.

This game predominantly tests your IQ and logical thinking. It trains your brain to think outside the box. A fantastic game and we can see just why it’s so popular!

If you notice any wrong answers in our list please feel free to let us know in the comments.

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Brain Out Level 1 Answers & Solution

Very straight forward, hope you aren’t really stuck here. Click the watermelon.

Brain Out Level 2 Answers & Solution

In total there are 9 ducks, one of them is actually not a duck. The answer is 9.

Brain Out Level 3 Answers & Solution

The answer is the sun as it is the highest. Click the sun.

Brain Out Level 4 Answers & Solution

You will need to move the watermelons to be able to find the different one. Once you move them you will see the difference. Tap the odd one out.

Brain Out Level 5 Answers & Solution

The solution is to drag the orange square so it is slightly off the screen it will then look like a rectangle!

Brain Out Level 6 Answers & Solution

The answer is 11 triangles. As you will see when you look more closely there are two upper triangles that make a new triangle also.

Brain Out Level 7 Answers & Solution

Move the fires to combine them all together. Now tap on the big fire that you have made.

Brain Out Level 8 Answers & Solution

You will need to move the car from the car parking space by tapping and holding it. The answer is 9.

Brain Out Level 9 Answers & Solution

Cheeky aren’t they the makers of this game. The only way to get past this level is to give them full marks. Check the full marks box.

Brain Out Level 10 Answers & Solution

To wake the owl up you must simply drag the sun out of the screen. Owls are only awake during the night.

Brain Out Level 11 Answers & Solution

You must ignore all of the answers above 4+5. The answer to 4+5 is 9. So the answer for this level is 9.

Brain Out Level 12 Answers & Solution

Read the instructions carefully, the potato is not a fruit. So you tap the cherry and the banana, then tap the yellow hexagon, the green circle, and the orange rectangle.

Brain Out Level 13 Answers & Solution

You must cheat on this level at the game of tic tac toe. Use both fingers to tap on both the empty squares at the same time, creating 3 in a row and winning the game.

Brain Out Level 14 Answers & Solution

Tap and hold on each chicken, shake each and the chick will appear.

Brain Out Level 15 Answers & Solution

Presented with a grid of colors the task asks you to find the darkest color on the screen. Don’t click the grid click the text as the text is black.

Brain Out Level 16 Answers & Solution

The little boy is actually wearing a wig, you need to drag the wig of his head to count the hairs. The answer is 3.

Brain Out Level 17 Answers & Solution

Drag the baby duck to the puddle to help him drink the water.

Brain Out Level 18 Answers & Solution

Tap and hold the number 1. There is a line hidden below the 1. Drag this to the end of the sum to form the number 2. 1+0.7+0.3=2

Brain Out Level 19 Answers & Solution

Drag the object that looks like a paw to the object that looks like a chair. Once you do this you will have created something that looks like meat. You can eat meat.

Brain Out Level 20 Answers & Solution

To help the bunny win the race you must use both fingers to hold the pony and the monkey. This will stop them from running letting bunny win!

Brain Out Level 21 Answers & Solution

To find the ring you must first feed the dog the dog food. Give the dog the dog food and the dog will poop the ring out.

Brain Out Level 22 Answers & Solution

Music is generally placed on a CD. The two letters in the English alphabet that people like to listen to most are CD.

Brain Out Level 23 Answers & Solution

The symbols mean no smoking. Tap the end of the lit cigarette to put the cigarette out.

Brain Out Level 24 Answers & Solution

Put the three coins into the piggy bank, then break it by tapping it. Now you need to count the coins. The answer is 15.

Brain Out Level 25 Answers & Solutions

To make something to each you will first need to remove some things.

Remove the Moon, Star and the House from the picture. Now drag the orange circle into the picture. You have now an egg to eat.

Brain Out Level 26 Answers & Solutions

The answer is 1 : If you fold the circle four times before cutting.

Brain Out Level 27 Answers & Solutions

If you use two fingers to zoom in you will be able to see the total amount of ants. The answer is 17.

Brain Out Level 28 Answers & Solutions

The circle equates to 0 and the triangle to 1. This is what they call binary code. 01001 = 9 The answer is 9.

Brain Out Level 29 Answers & Solutions

You will notice that no butterfly exists above the text so you will need to move the text. Move it below the butterfly then tap the butterfly.

Brain Out Level 30 Answers & Solution

Tap and hold the disconnected red wires with two fingers to make a circuit. The human body conducts electricity. The fan will start.

Brain Out Level 31 Answers & Solution

You need to make it rain, worms love rain! Tap the cloud and it will start to rain. The earthworm will now appear.

Brain Out Level 32 Answers & Solution

You will need to ensure your auto rotation on your smartphone is set to on for this level. Now you will need to turn your phone sideways and rock the baby to sleep by moving the phone like a pendulum.

Brain Out Level 33 Answers & Solution

Who would you save though? LOL Be nice and save both of them by using two fingers at the same time.

Brain Out Level 34 Answers & Solution

How do you get past the ice in the road? Simple. Use your finger to drag the cloud out of the way of the sun. The ice melts. You can now move the car forward.

Brain Out Level 35 Answers & Solution

Drag the carrot to the bunny and feed it. Simple.

Brain Out Level 36 Answers & Solution

To help them cross you must zoom in on the boat which will make it bigger and turn it into a bridge.

Brain Out Level 37 Answers & Solution

You need to tap on the number 3 twice and then on 6 once to make 12.

Brain Out Level 38 Answers & Solution

You need to put EVERYTHING into the box, this includes the text that says “put everything into the box”

Brain Out Level 39 Answers & Solution

I don’t really get this level but to complete it you must drag the mole to near the hammer.

Brain Out Level 40 Answers & Solution

Again you will need your phones auto rotation set to on for this level. Once you’ve done that turn your phone upside down and the key will fall out of the bucket.

Brain Out Level 41 Answers & Solution

The answer is 39.


Brain Out Level 42 Answers & Solution

Check out this video to see the answers:


Brain Out Level 43 Answers & Solutions

You must wake Zozo up! So open the door and let her mum in! She will wake her up.

Brain Out Level 44 Answers & Solution

1 is equal to 5 on this level, so 5 is equal to 1. The correct answer is 1.

Brain Out Level 45 Answers & Solution

You need to drag cup 1 out of the way as it is not connected. Then 4 will fill up first. The answer is 4.

Brain Out Level 46 Answers & Solution

The largest number you can make by moving a match stick is 965. Move the matchstick from the 9 to the 3. So you will make a 9 and a 5.

Brain Out Level 47 Answers & Solution

Remove the chicken from the nest by dragging it out of the way. You can’t eat the chickens nest.

Brain Out Level 48 Answers & Solution

To get the woman to notice tom you need to take her handbag from her and give it to Tom.

Brain Out Level 49 Answer & Solution

To find the aliens you must make the UFO land on the ground. The alien will then come out.

Brain Out Level 50 Answers & Solution

Enable your phones auto rotation, turn your phone 90 degrees to the right.

Brain Out Level 51 Answers & Solution

There are hidden stacks of fries in this level so you must move some to show the others behind. The answer is 10.

Brain Out Level 52 Answers & Solution

To find the Panda, you must look on the fourth row at the far right of your screen.

Brain Out Level 53 Answers & Solution

To remove the graffiti use your fingers to rub the side of the well. The graffiti will disappear.

Brain Out Level 54 Answers & Solution

Firstly tap the orange rectangle 3 times, now tap the green rectangle 3 times. Wait for it to change back to green. Now tap 2 more times on the green rectangle.

Brain Out Level 55 Answers & Solution

First rub the magic lamp like the one from Aladdin. Then you must tap the books located on the shelf. I have no idea why but that’s how you pass the level.

Brain Out Level 56 Answers & Solution

The answer is the circle, because the circle has an infinite number of sides. Click the circle.

Brain Out Level 57 Answers & Solution

The answer to level 57 = 91.






Brain Out Level 58 Answers & Solution

Turn on your smartphones Auto Rotation feature. Press and hold the parcel and rotate your phone to discover the photo.

Brain Out Level 59 Answers & Solution

To wake the pig up you must hold your finger over her nose.

Brain Out Level 60 Answers & Solution

To help them go on a date tap on the dog a few times, he turns around and displays a heart on his backside.

Brain Out Level 61 Answers & Solution

Please watch the video to display where the 8 is located.

Brain Out Level 62 Answers & Solution

To make green you will need to mix some colours. Mix the blue and yellow color by dragging the blue on top of the yellow. You will now have green.

Brain Out Level 63 Answers & Solution

Create the hexagon by moving the yellow shape to the top of the orange square.

Brain Out Level 64 Answers & Solution

The answer is G. It’s logical.

Brain Out Level 65 Answers & Solution

Tap the darts slowly one by one. All of the darts will land on the dartboard.

Brain Out Level 66 Answers & Solution

Trick question here. The clock is actually broken so it will still be 9. The answer is 9.

Brain Out Level 67 Answers & Solution

Move all of the chicks around to reveal more chicks, you’ll also find chicks hidden behind the buttons. The answer is 11.

Brain Out Level 68 Answers & Solution

To complete this level you must rub the dog’s’s body with your finger to comfort him. Do it slowly.

Brain Out Level 69 Answers & Solution

To make the animals see stars you have to shake your phone very rapidly.

Brain Out Level 70 Answers & Solution

Remove the matchstick from the middle of the 8 and put it between the 1 and the 0.


Brain Out Level 71 Answers & Solution

To find the mother hen you must scroll to the right side of the screen.

Brain Out Level 72 Answers & Solution

Ignore the dice numbers. The largest numbers are on the keypad. 7,8 and 9. So 7+8+9=24. The answer is 24.

Brain Out Level 73 Answers & Solution

Drag the text down to bridge the gap. This can be used for the bunny to jump.

Brain Out Level 74 Answers & Solution

Use the mirror to reflect what the correct answer is. Error backwards is 70773.

Brain Out Level 75 Answers & Solution

As you would use your phone normally to copy something hold your finger on the elephant. This will allow you to copy it so the elephant is no longer lonely.

Brain Out Level 76 Answers & Solution

To light up the 4th light-bulb tap start then tap stop when it lights the 4th.

Brain Out Level 77 Answers & Solution

10+10+4+4+15+15=58. The answer to Level 77 is 58.

Brain Out Level 78 Answers & Solution

The cat has two claws. So click the cats other claw as this is the most similar.

Brain Out Level 79 Answers & Solution

If you tap the second 3 on the screen you will reveal another 3 behind it. Rotate the other 3 on top and it will create an 8.

Brain Out Level 80 Answers & Solution

Do not go into the maze. Just go around it until you reach the exit.

Brain Out Level 81 Answers & Solution

Tap on the bottom of the glass and drag it to Zoe.

Brain Out Level 82 Answers & Solution

Drag the red and yellow shapes to the shape at the top right. Blue shape into the middle right.

Brain Out Level 83 Answers & Solution

If you remove the table downwards you will see two more pots. Both middle flowers at the bottom are different. Click them.

Brain Out Level 84 Answers & Solution

There are 9 holes in the jeans.

2 holes in the front + 2 holes in the back.

1 waist hole + 2 pocket holes + 2 leg holes = 9 holes

Brain Out Level 85 Answers & Solution

2 to the power of  10 = 1024. I had to get this answer from another site! That one was tough.

Brain Out Level 86 Answers & Solution

Place the wood on the fire.

Drag it to the right end of the pipe.

From the left, smoke will start to come out.

Leave wood there on the right side.

Close the left end by tapping and holding your finger on it for a while.

Because of the smoke after a couple of seconds the rat will appear.

Brain Out Level 87 Answers & Solution

Move the mouse “cursor icon” to the next button.

Brain Out Level 88 Answers & Solution

To form the smallest possible number raise the first line upwards to form a negative symbol. Tap the 9 3 times. This will make the answer -999 which is the smallest possible number.

Brain Out Level 89 Answers & Solution

Using two fingers zoom in on the dart board. Then slowly tap the board so the darts land on the board without stacking up. You can also tap them quickly before the board goes back.

Brain Out Level 90 Answers & Solution

Help hide the gamepad before his mom finds out. Place your finger over the gamepad to hide it. Level Complete!

Brain Out Level 91 Answers & Solution

Move the two circles from the 4th row to the 2nd row, and then move the first row to the bottom. Watch the video if you don’t understand.

Brain Out Level 92 Answers & Solution

Tap 1, 6, 8, 2, 20, 17, 60, 33. On the last 33 tap on the 33 in the question text.

Brain Out Level 93 Answers & Solution

To help the little girl eat cake you need to move the girl to the right slowly, so she lands on the middle board. Now remove the board beneath her and she will fall onto the cake.

Brain Out Level 94 Answers & Solutions

The answer is Lulu is 16 years old.

Brain Out Level 95 Answers & Solutions

Drag your 0 down next to the you: text. Then tap the remaining box to win the tic tac toe game.

Brain Out Level 96 Answers & Solution

Place the noodles in the bowl, then pour on the hot water. Cover the bowl now with your finger for about 8 seconds to steam the noodles.

Brain Out Level 97 Answers & Solution

By moving the matchsticks make a flipped chair like in the video below.

Brain Out Level 98 Answers & Solution


The Answer is HFI

Brain Out Level 99 Answers & Solution

Follow the video below to complete level 99 and find the panda.

Brain Out Level 100 Answer & Solution

Enable your device auto rotation. Now flip your phone upside down. Bats sleep upside down.

Brain Out Level 101 Answers & Solution

Infinity is the largest number, tap on both zeros to make the infinity symbol.

Brain Out Level 102 Answers & Solution

The biggest possible number is 31181. To achieve this you need to take the two matchsticks from 0 to make a 1 after the 8. This will leave the 0 as 11. Check the video below if you do not understand what we mean.


Brain Out Level 103 Answers & Solution

To turn out the light and go to bed. You will need to put your phone or device screen facing down.

Brain Out Level 104 Answers & Solution

To kill the fly you need to put one finger on the screen in an empty place. This will then lure the fly towards you. Now use another finger to squash it.

Brain Out Level 105 Answers & Solution

This is not a trick question, the game controller is the cheapest at $4

Brain Out Level 106 Answers & Solution

He is asleep and it is a dream. You do not need to save neither your mom or girlfriend. Simply wake him up by shaking your device.

Brain Out Level 107 Answers & Solution

Turn the second plus sign into a 4. Do this by swiping your finger on the second +


Brain Out Level 108 Answers & Solution

Tap the 3 fruits in order, then the hexagon, then tap the orange square twice. The square is both a square and a diamond. You do not need to tap the star.

Brain Out Level 109 Answers & Solution

Shake the device for 5 to 10 seconds, do not touch the screen. Then swipe the orange bottle to Jack.

Brain Out Level 110 Answers & Solution

Click all 3 at the same time to get all dreams to come true.

Brain Out Level 111 Answers & Solution

You will need to look closely, there is a transparent menu located in the bottom right hand corner. Tap it.

Brain Out Level 112 Answers & Solution

Use two fingers to drag the lid of the box and the bottom of the box away from each other.

Brain Out Level 113 Answers & Solution

The answer is 43215.

Brain Out Level 114 Answers & Solution

There are 8 differences in total. These can be seen in the video below.

Brain Out Level 115 Answers & Solution

Tap the blue button 10 times. Red button 1 time. Ignore the counter.

Brain Out Level 116 Answers & Solution

To make the weighing scales balance out you will need to totally remove all weight and items. The scales will then be balanced.

Brain Out Level 117 Answers & Solution

The answer is 38 hairs. You will need to turn the little boy around and count the hairs on the back as well.

Brain Out Level 118 Answers & Solution

The answer is 14.

The full cat =10, the face =5, the 2 paws =2. The last cat only has one paw.


Brain Out Level 119 Answers & Solution

Light the middle candle now tilt your device. This will light up the 2nd candle. Happy Birthday Tyke!

Brain Out Level 120 Answers & Solution

You will see the mother hen after you use two fingers to pinch zoom out.

Brain Out Level 121 Answers & Solution

Move the cloud over the sun, this will cover the sun and make it rain. The container then will fill up. Move the duck near the container so the duck can drink the rain water.

Brain Out Level 122 Answers & Solution

Place your finger at the bottom of the thermometer so it can take your temperature. The temperature shown will change. The answer is 96.8. Please note it does take a couple of seconds to change hold your finger there until it does.

Brain Out Level 123 Answers & Solution

Use your finger to plug the top of the bottle. Now shake your device to mix.

Brain Out Level 124 Answers & Solution

To place the giraffe in the fridge you must first zoom the fridge to enlarge it. Now you can place the giraffe in the fridge.

Brain Out Level 125 Answers & Solution

Swipe on the device screen from left to right 3 or 4 times to remove the light-bulb.

Brain Out Level 126 Answers & Solutions

The answer is 140. Really can’t be bothered to explain why! Sorry guys.

Brain Out Level 127 Answers & Solutions

The little bunny is always hungry!! Basically you drag one heart from the top to feed it to the rabbit, it then increases in size. The Rabbit is now large enough to jump over to the carrot.

Brain Out Level 128 Answers & Solutions

A trick question which took so long. If ET (the alien from the movie) left, he would leave in a UFO. So the total characters left would be 21. The answer is 21.

Brain Out Level 129 Answers & Solution

Drag the 3rd bulb out of the screen, now tap on the red buttons. All bulbs are now lit. Well done.

Brain Out Level 130 Answers & Solution

The answer to level 130 is 6 hours. Once they are burnt out they are the same.

Brain Out Level 131 Answers & Solution

You need to follow the pattern. So (7-3)(7+3)=(4)(10). The answer to level 131 of Brain out is 410.

Brain Out Level 132 Answers & Solution

Enable your screen rotation on your device. Turn the phone 90 degrees to landscape view. Rock the baby now to sleep as you have done previously in this game. Now use the trimmer to cut the hair.

Brain Out Level 133 Answers & Solution

Celebrate with some champagne. Shake the bottle and pop the cork by tapping on the cork! Congratulations.

Brain Out Level 134 Answers & Solution

The answer to this level is 20. Strawberry=7. Each grape=1. Brinjal=2. 7+11+2=20.

Brain Out Level 135 Answers & Solution

You need to turn the two switches as shown in the image below.

Brain Out Level 135 Answer

Brain Out Level 136 Answers & Solution

To find the wolf among the sheep, you need to drag the meat in front of the faces. Once face will change. While you still have the meat held, don’t let go but use your other finger to remove the sheep skin and expose the wolf.

Brain Out Level 137 Answers & Solution

To wake the baby up change the time on the clock. Forward the clock 2 hours using the hour hand.

Brain Out Level 138 Answers & Solution

Tap the windmill once now shake your device. You will figure it out after a few tries. This makes the windmill spin.

Brain Out Level 139 Answers & Solution

Combine both of the red shapes on the screen to make a heart.

Brain Out Level 140 Answers & Solution

Check the time on your phone and put that in as the answer. It is the real time not the time on the game.

Brain Out Level 141 Answers & Solution

It tells you not to lift up the stone. But using 3 fingers (it’s heavy) lift the stone. There’s a nice surprise waiting for you.

Brain Out Level 142 Answers & Solution

Take the middle triangle from the pentagram. The answer is now 7 triangles.

Brain Out Level 143 Answers & Solution

Shake the device your are using and it will reveal a worm. Place the earthworm on the hook and shake again.

Brain Out Level 144 Answers & Solution

Use the items on the screen to make your own ice skate. You can see in the image below how they go together.

Brain Out Answer Level 144

Brain Out Level 145 Answer & Solution

The hint inside the safe lets you know the date is yesterday. The password is ZoZo’s birthday. 20030816 is the answer.

Brain Out Level 146 Answers & Solution

To help Mark escape the secret room, you need to swipe at the light-bulb a few times. When it goes dark, quickly tap on the escape button a few times.

Brain Out Level 147 Answers & Solution

To save Pigsy, shake the monster until the crown falls off. Give the monkey the crown. The monkey now turns into the monkey king. Give the monkey one of the legs off the chair. Goodbye Monster.

Brain Out Level 148 Answers & Solution

To find the items. Watch the video below.

Brain Out Level 149 Answers & Solution

Place the wooden logs onto the tree to make a ladder, then use the rope to bind them.

Brain Out Level 150 Answers & Solution

To make the equation true you need to rotate the number 9 to make it a 6. 6+11+13=30.

Brain Out Level 151 Answers & Solution

Tap start and play two rounds. Use your finger to rub of the zero to slow it down and play the final round.

Brain Out Level 152 Answers & Solution

Don’t give up any! Tie the ropes. Stretch one end to reach the other and make a knot.

Brain Out Level 153 Answers & Solution

The answer is 8. There is only one sister. The lady has 7 sons and 1 daughter. 8.

Brain Out Level 154 Answers & Solution

You have to be quick on this level. Take the shovel near the tree, you can only just see it but it’s there. Make a hole in front of the robber. Cover it with grass. Thief gets trapped.

Brain Out Level 155 Answers & Solution

Use one finger to hold onto the weight and save the egg using the other finger by pulling it out.

Brain Out Level 156 Answers & Solution

The white horse runs faster so swap the riders. Place the dog on the white horse to win.

Brain Out Level 157 Answers & Solution

Using two fingers drag to the right side of the screen and plug in the cable. Now pull an ice cream cone. Place the milk and ice on top of the machine.

Brain Out Level 158 Answers & Solution

The answer is 2. Two will be left as the others will be burned out.

Brain Out Level 159 Answers & Solution

Drag the text word protect to the rocket. It creates a shield.

Brain Out Level 160 Answers & Solution

If you look closely the dog is actually wearing glasses. Take the glasses and put them onto the girls eyes so she can see the fly.

Brain Out Level 161 Answers & Solution

Be greedy don’t just pick up one! Stack them by putting your finger on one and dragging it over the others.

Brain Out Level 162 Answers & Solution

To catch the birds. You need to get the phone out of the boys pocket. Place it in his hand so he can take a picture. Catch in this level means capture. You can capture them all in a photograph. Sneaky!

Brain Out Level 163 Answers & Solution

Very funny. Was stuck for a long time on this level. Passed by fluke when my phone started to die. Charge your actual phone and you will pass the level. Ignore the screen.

Brain Out Level 164 Answers & Solution

Two zeros make an 8. Click the zero two times.

Brain Out Level 165 Answers & Solution

Give the sausage to the boy, before the dog gets it.

Brain Out Level 166 Answers & Solution

Using two fingers pinch zoom the ball to make it bigger. Release it when you are pointing straight at the bowling pins.

Brain Out Level 167 Answers & Solution

Ping pong ball is too small. try to find a smaller ball. Look into the level Number Lv.167,  the dot after Lv is the ping pong ball we are searching for.

Brain Out Level 168 Answers & Solution

How many triangles are on the screen, in the center on the shape there are 12 triangles however, the left and right buttons are also triangles so the answer is 14.

Brain Out Level 169 Answers & Solution

To stop the smoking. You need to go in his pocket and remove the lighter/box of cigarettes (not sure what it is) then tap on the cigarette and slide your finger to extinguish it.

Brain Out Level 170 Answers & Solution

It’s another trick question, pineapples do not grow on trees, they grow on a plant. So the answer is zero.

Brain Out Level 171 Answers & Solution

Place the shampoo/soap into the water, then put the cat into the tub, now lift the chair and you will find a fish. Place the fish into the tub.

Brain Out Level 172 Answers & Solution

To find the exit you simply just need to tap the word exit. Congratulations you’ve found it!

Brain Out Level 173 Answers & Solution

To get the milk, you will need to put the red bucket near the bull 3 times. After this the cow will come and rescue you, you can now milk the cow by putting the bucket beneath it.

Brain Out Level 174 Answers & Solution

Grab the pink bucket and drag it to the transparent container and place it inside. Now grab them and put them under the tap. It will now fill the bucket.

Brain Out Level 175 Answers & Solution

To fill in the same number you must just put 4 in every box.


Brain Out Level 176 Answers & Solution

The answer is 3. Two are to cut into 4 parts then a horizontal cut.

Brain Out Level 177 Answers & Solution

To get rid of the monster, you will need to use two fingers to pinch the drop of water and make it bigger. Once you have made it bigger it will eat the monster.

Brain Out Level 178 Answers & Solution

Tap and hold the screen, slide your fingers around on the cards, they will start to disappear.

Brain Out Level 179 Answers & Solution

In this game of 5 in a row. You must cheat. Quickly tap 4 more times in the same row all in one turn.

Brain Out Level 180 Answers & Solution

To help the chick get out of jail, you must drag the chick to the right at the widest point of the bars. The chick can fit through.

Brain Out Level 181 Answers & Solution 

1.) To open the grip control you need to click on the right side of the machine, click on the button to increase the grip.

2.) Drag the coin and play the game.

3.) Move the catcher to the right using the right button.

4.) Press the yellow button to catch the doll.

Brain Out Level 182 Answers & Solution 

For the first two rounds shoot furthest away from the goal keeper. On the 3rd shot he will grab the ball.

Drag the ball to another spot while the ball is shaking in his hands.

Brain Out Level 183 Answer & Solution

The Pattern is left, right, left, left, right. To pass this level you will need to click in that order.

Brain Out Level 184 Answer & Solution

Using two fingers, one to lift the container and the other to rotate the container and pour the water into the glass. You should ensure that you do not lift the other finger until the glass is completely full.

Brain Out Level 185 Answer & Solution

Tip: From above the cars, you should move the car to the right. Then you should see them move into empty parking spaces.

You park the car in any of the spaces using four buttons!

Brain Out Answers To All Levels – Video Guide

If you’ve now completed the game and are looking for a game similar then why not try Brain Test Tricky Puzzles?

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